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Health Visiting

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COVID-19 Update - Health Visiting

Our Health Visiting services continue during COVID-19, however there are some changes in how the services are delivered.  Some aspects of the services have been temporarily stopped and others are being provided using non-face to face methods like video-enabled contacts and text or telephone.
All health visitors are following NHS and Public Health England COVID-19 guidance. Face to face contact with families will only be offered for compelling reasons to comply with social distancing and social isolation guidance. The decision on face to face contacts will be based on a family’s health needs.

If our staff have arranged a video or telephone consultation, it is because they feel they will be able to safely give you the care you need without bringing you into the clinic or visiting you at home. The staff will work in partnership with you to discuss these reasons and decide the best option for you.
Staff will provide advice on how to contact them – although, due to the changes that the service is facing, there may be a delay in responding to routine enquiries owing to the increased demand.

Remember: You can contact a locality duty health visitor if you are concerned or worried about yourself or your child’s health and wellbeing – they are there to help you find the support you need.

COVID-19 Duty Contact details:
Health Visiting North West Locality (Networks 1 & 2):  Contact: 020 4551 1414
Health Visiting North East Locality (Networks 5 & 6):   Contact: 020 4551 1414
Health Visiting South West Locality (Networks 3 & 4): Contact: 020 3950 5685 /020 3950 5687
Health Visiting South East Locality (Networks 7 & 8):  Contact: 020 3950 5681/ 020 3950 5680


COVID-19 Guidance For Parents 

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Parent Guide for COVID-19

When your child is ill or injured it is very difficult to decide if/when to call your child’s GP, NHS 111 or go the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E).

To view and enlarged version of the guidance, Click here

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Children’s and Families Public Health Nursing

Health Visiting is a Children’s and Families Public Health Nursing service.

The service works with all parents and carers’ offering developmental assessments, and referrals to appropriate services, parenting support, accident prevention and health education to individuals and also facilitating community building capacity work.

The Health Visiting Service was recently reviewed by Unicef and was successful in being accredited as 'baby friendly'.

Components of Health Visiting


All pregnant women are to be offered an appointment between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. Core contacts and assessments will also be offered to babies and young children within 14 days of birth, 6-8 weeks, 3-4 months, under one year of age and two and two and a half years.


Click here for Antenatal resources

Click here for Postnatal resources

Universal Plus

Providing additional support for a period of time for any presenting issues for your child or your family such as speech and language delay, sleep, toileting or emotional wellbeing such as post-natal illness. 

This will be achieved in the early weeks by offering you a range of visits known as the MECSH programme - or later by undertaking an Early Help Assessment to ensure you get the right care by the right person at the time you need it.

Partnership Plus

Working as part of a wider team to support for example; a child with special medical needs, giving support to any family based issues or to contribute as part of a statutory function to safeguard children.  Health visitors also support the health of children looked after by the Local Authority.

Health Visiting Management Team


Mary Marsh
Clinical Director of Integrated 0-19 Services Health Visiting, Family Nurse Partnerships & School Health and Wellbeing


Kam Kaur
Assistant Director - Operations


Chris Norton
Clinical lead for NW Locality (Networks 1 & 2) and children centres
Mowlam, Meath Gardens and Collingwood

Telephone: 020 4551 1414


Julia Edwards
Interim Clinical lead for NE Locality (Networks 5 & 6) and Children Centres
Mile End, Overland,  Marner and Olga

Telephone: 020 4551 1414



Lola Oloko 
Clinical Lead for SW Locality (Networks 3 & 4) and Children Centres
Wapping, John Smith and Oceans

Telephone: 020 3950 5685/ 020 3950 5687



Katja Sturgeon 
Clinical Lead for SE Locality (Networks 7 & 8) and Children Centres
Isle of Dogs, Chrisp Street and Around Poplar

Telephone: 020 3950 5681/ 020 3950 5680



Click here to access Guidance for professionals – resources for calls


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