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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

  • Tower Hamlets GP Care Group is led by local GPs and aims to provide innovative high quality, responsive and accessible health services

Our Vision

  • Practices will work collaboratively to offer equitable, people-centred and holistic services to our patients.
  • We will work creatively with other providers of care to ensure care is integrated and seamless, maximising the potential for excellent outcomes for patients.
  • We are committed to high quality care, compassion, improving lives and making sure everyone feels included and ensuring all local people have access to our services; especially the most vulnerable people in our community.
  • We fully commit to promoting and upholding the values of the NHS Constitution in all that we do.
  • To ensure patients are treated with respect.
  • We will be a local health employer of choice offering excellent employment opportunities and support and development of our workforce.
  • We will be a strong unified voice of general practice in Tower Hamlets.

Our Values

  • We will work together to put patients at the heart of their care
  • We will deliver high quality care that achieves the best outcomes for patients
  • We will Innovate especially in the delivery of patient care
  • Our work will help reduce inequalities
  • We will take a holistic view of patient care and involve the expertise of the whole multidisciplinary team as appropriate to help deliver the best outcomes for patients
  • We will provide services that are free at the point of delivery
  • We will be financially stable, managing funds carefully and reinvesting any money we may generate to maintain and improve services for the benefit of local people.
  • We will promote healthy lifestyles and self-care
  • We will take an evidence based public health approach
  • We will develop and value our staff
  • We wil keep the Tower Hamlets GP Care Group in the NHS and never compromise quality over profit
  • We will regularly consult patients and stakeholders about what we do
  • We will be an open and transparent organisation with a no blame culture


Our constitution states that we are to: "carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to plan or provide health and social care and related services and preserve, protect and promote improvements to health and social care."

This has been made clear in our mission, vision, and values, which were written in consultation with primary care staff from across the borough.