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Information for Clinical Staff

Thank you for taking part in our Tower Hamlets GP Access services, working for the Tower Hamlets GP Care Group. We hope that the summary below of the GP Access Fund Locum guide will support you in doing just that. We are collecting data throughout the pilot to determine the best service model for the hubs and the demand for services during evenings and weekends.

We hope you will enjoy working for the Care Group and provide us with feedback whenever you feel there are services or staff experiences we could improve on.

Clinical Hubs Resources



You can email us your feedback on


Prescribing Guidelines


1 March 2019


Cough (acute): antimicrobial prescribing


Helicobactr Pylori in dyspepsia: test and treat



18 December 2018


Heavy menstrual bleeding: assessment and management


Prescribing Gluten Free products


Vitamin D and bone health


Safe & secure handling of medicines


Bronchiectasis Guidance


COPD guidance – diagnosis and management & Antimicrobial prescribing



22 March 2018


Guidance on Prescribing Responsibilities between Primary& Secondary Care


Prednisolone in people with systemic sclerosis


Changes to Augmentin SPC to include systemic eosinophilia and systemic symptoms as potential adverse reaction


Ulipristol and monitoring LFTs


Addition of intestinal obstruction to adverse reactions for dulaglutide


New Guidance on the assessment and management of heavy menstrual bleeding


15 Feb 2018


Norethisterone 5mg


Norethisterone 350mcg


SIGN Migraine guideline