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Family Nurse Partnership (FNP)

How FNP works

By using a psycho-educational approach and a focus on positive behaviour change, FNP provides on-going, intensive support to young, first-time mothers and their babies as well as fathers and other family members if mothers would like them to take part. Structured home visits are delivered by highly trained nurses that start in early pregnancy, continuing until the child’s second birthday.

The FNP is a preventive programme and has the potential to transform the life chances of the most disadvantaged children and families in our society, helping to improve social mobility and break the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage. Health in pregnancy, and the quality of the caregiving babies receive during the first years of life, can have a long lasting impact on a child’s future health, happiness, relationships and achievement of their aspirations.  

Family Nurses use programme materials and methods to enable young parents to achieve three main aims:  

• To improve their pregnancy outcomes so that their baby has the best start in life  

• To improve their child’s health and development by developing their parenting knowledge and skills   

• To improve parents’ economic self-sufficiency, by helping them to achieve their aspirations (such as employment or returning to education).  


The FNP programme is underpinned by a robust evidence base. This demonstrates that if delivered well, it has the potential to change the life chances of some of the most vulnerable parents and babies, with long-term positive impacts on health, social and educational outcomes.  


What does FNP achieve  

FNP helps young pregnant mothers, their partners and their children transform their lives. Simply put, it does this by working intensively with these individuals and seeking to break cycles of disadvantage, raise aspirations and reduce inequality.   Family nurses work with young mothers and fathers to enable them to:  

• Build positive relationships with their baby and understand their baby’s needs  

• Make the lifestyle choices that will give their child the best possible start in life  

• Build their self-efficacy (belief and ability to plan and achieve their goals)  

• Build positive relationships with others, modelled by building a positive relationship with the family nurse .


Contact Us

You can contact us on 020 8223 8601.


We are based at:

Mile End Hospital

275 Bancroft Road


E1 4DG